Welcome to the Fogelberg page! Dan Fogelberg is one of the most gifted and underrated artists of our time. From the perfection of his arrangements to the depths of his lyrics and from his mastery of so many instruments to the honesty of his songs, he has entertained us for over 40 years. I hope this page will serve as a source for all Fogelberg related information both past and future. Enjoy...

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The space for this page was made possible by the generosity of fellow Fogelberg fan, Andy Peterman. I would also like to thank the following in alphabetical order: Steve Baska, Steven Bernson, Ken Bissell, H. Merwin Budde, Stephanie Christ, Lynn Cowans, Henry Diltz, Wynn Drumm, Lu Ann Johnson, Paul Koeller, John Lombardi, Dorothy Thomas, Francine Tegzes, John Trapani, and last, but not least, Grace Warren. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone. If so, drop me a line to remind me.

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