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Jackson Browne Crosby, Stills & Nash Beth Nielsen Chapman I
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For those of you who enjoy Dan's ballads. Do yourself a favor and check out Beth Nielsen Chapman. She has that magic touch that very few are blessed with. (That's why Dan chose her to open up for him on his 1994 tour.) Elton John is using  her song "Sand and Water" to replace "England's Rose" on his 1997 concert tour.

April 1998 -- A book entitled "Illinois - Seasons of Light" with photography by Robert Shaw and the Introduction by Dan Fogelberg, was recently been published.

The book is a collection of nature and wildlife photography on Illinois, Dan and Robert's home state. In one part of the Introduction, Dan says "In the silent forest I find my faith. On the boundless ocean I am continually renewed." The book has a very spiritual feel.

The book has received wide acclaim and excellent reviews. Here are some statements:

"This is a startling collection and a definitive photographic record of Illinois nature." The Chicago Sun Times

"The 130 color photographs in this stunningly handsome book show the multifaceted beauty of the state of Illinois. - Turning its pages is like walking through an exhibit at an art museum." The Peoria Journal Star

After paging through Robert Shaw's elegant new color photography book, "Illinois - Seasons of Light", one realizes just how beautiful a place this praire state is." Illinois Times, Springfield

"Illinois - Seasons of Light" can be purchased directly from Wild Perceptions at (309) 473-2990 or e-mail at wildpercep@aol.com. They have a web site at: www.WildPerceptions.com

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