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The Wild Places
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Release Date - August 1990, Full Moon/Epic Records
Producer - Dan Fogelberg
Tracks (click song title for lyrics)

  1. Aurora Nova

  2. The Wild Places

  3. Forefathers

  4. Song Of The Sea

  5. Anastasia's Eyes

  6. Blind To The Truth

  1. Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  2. Rhythm Of The Rain
  3. Bones In The Sky
  4. The Spirit Trail
  5. Ever On

Certified - n/a
Recorded at - Mountain Bird Studio (at the Ranch), CO; Lahaina Sound, Maui, Hawaii; Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Engineer - Marty LEwis, David Reynolds, Dan Fogelberg and Duane Scott
Cover & Sailing Photography - Anastasia Savage
Cover Illustration  - Amy Dakos
Inside Photography - Andy Katz
Album Design - Kosh & Amy Dakos






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