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Very Best of Dan...
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Scheduled Release Date - July 3, 2001, Epic/Legacy (EK 85280)
Producer (for reissue) - Al Quaglieri 
Digital Remastering - Joe Palmaccio
Tracks (click song title for lyrics)

  1. Nether Lands
  2. Part of the Plan
  3. Heart Hotels
  4. Longer
  5. Hard to Say
  6. Leader of the Band
  7. Same Old Lang Syne
  8. Run for the Roses
  9. Make Love Stay
  1. Missing You
  2. Language of Love
  3. Believe In Me
  4. Lonely In Love
  5. She Don't Look Back
  6. Rhythm of the Rain
  7. Magic Every Moment
  8. A Love Like This

Certified - n/a
Recorded at - n/a
Photography - n/a
Album Design - n/a
Liner Notes -  Paul Evans, former writer for Rolling Stone.
Notes - The official Press Release for this CD follows:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                          JUNE 26, 2001


   Includes major hits "Part Of the Plan," "Longer," "Heart Hotels,"
      "Same Old Lang Syne," "Hard To Say," "Leader Of the Band,"
 "The Language Of Love" and more, plus album tracks

     Set to arrive in stores July 3rd on Epic/Legacy,
 in advance of 12-city U.S. tour which kicks off July 5th

 "Over the course of nearly 30 years and 20 albums, Dan
 Fogelberg has celebrated the beauty of spirit and soul, rivers
 and romance, everyday trial and transcendent joy.  In a lifetime
 of music he's soared past trends and aimed for timelessness. 
 That takes courage.  And that courage makes classics."
  - from the liner notes written by Paul Evans, for

A freshly-compiled anthology by the Colorado-based singer-songwriter whose
angelic vocals and panoramic detail provided the setting for some of the most
deeply personal songs to grace the charts in the 1980s, THE VERY BEST OF DAN
FOGELBERG represents the most extensive single-CD compilation of his career. 
It is also the first collection to span some 20 of his productive years at
Epic Records, from 1974 to 1993.  The 17-song disc has been scheduled for
July 3rd in-store date on Epic/Legacy, a division of Sony Music.

THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG lives up to its title, as it ranges in time
from his career-making debut hit, "Part Of the Plan" (featuring Graham Nash
on harmony vocal and producer Joe Walsh on lead guitar) off the 1974 album
Souvenirs, all the way through his two final chart albums for Epic, 1990's
The Wild Places (with "Rhythm Of the Rain") and 1993's River Of Souls (with
"Magic Every Moment" and "A Love Like This").

Along the way are the 9 consecutive top 30 hits (released 1979 to 1984)
without which this anthology would be considered incomplete: "Longer," "Heart
Hotels," "Same Old Lang Syne," "Hard To Say," "Leader Of the Band," "Run For
the Roses," "Missing You," "Make Love Stay," and "The Language Of Love." 
This marks the first time that any single-disc collection has included every
one of Fogelberg's biggest hits, and as such, it surpasses the previous
Greatest Hits (of 1982) and Love Songs  (of 1995).  Only Portrait, the 4-CD,
62-song boxed set of 1997 matches the new release in its scope and depth.

As with Portrait, every track on THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG was
personally selected by the artist, who also supervised the sequencing of the
program.  The album was produced for reissue by Al Quaglieri and digitally
remastered by engineer Joe Palmaccio at Sony Music Studios in New York.
Newly-commissioned liner notes were written by Paul Evans, a former writer
for Rolling Stone.

Two days after THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG hits stores, he will open a
highly-anticipated 12-city tour of the West and Midwest, beginning at Pier
6263 in Seattle on July 5th, then continuing at Konocti Harbor Resort in
Kelseyville, CA (7); Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA (8); Humphrey's in San
Diego (10); Sun Theatre in Anaheim (11); House Of Blues in Las Vegas (13);
Pike's Peak Center in Colorado Springs (15); Paramount Theatre in Denver
(16); Belterra Casino in Vevay, IN (19-20); Meadowbrook in Detroit (23);
Michigan Center For the Performing Arts in Interlochen (24); and wrapping up
at the Mondavi Winery in Napa, CA (28).

In 1971, Dan Fogelberg was introduced to Clive Davis (by manager Irving
Azoff) in the blush of singer-songwriter signings that eventually brought
Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Eric Andersen, Tom Rush, Loudon Wainwright and
others to the label.  Born in Illinois, Fogelberg had come to the West Coast
a year and a half earlier at Azoff's suggestion. After woodshedding in the
hills of Laurel Canyon, he was ready to record his first album for Azoff's
Full Moon/Epic label.  Working in Nashville with producer Norbert Putnam,
Home Free (1972) may not have been a commercial success but won Fogelberg the
admiration of fellow musicians - once his "idols," these various members of
the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield (and hence the Eagles) were now his
neighbors and collaborators.

Fogelberg's next album, Souvenirs (1974), produced in Los Angeles by Joe
Walsh, proved to be a breakthrough.  When "Part Of the Plan" reached the top
40, Fogelberg was elevated to headliner status on-tour.  He quickly recorded
and released his next album in less than a year, Captured Angel (1975).  His
success enabled him to move from L.A. and settle in Colorado, in a home
overlooking the Continental Divide that he bought from fellow musician Chris
Hillman.  There, Fogelberg took his time composing the haunting song-cycle of
Nether Lands (1977), his next best-seller.

As a follow-up, he chose to depart from popular expectations by collaborating
with flute player Tim Weisberg.  The result was Twin Sons Of Different
Mothers  (1978).  It was Fogelberg's first LP to be certified RIAA platinum
during its stay on the charts (in 1979).

The stage was set for (what would turn out to be) the two biggest albums of
 Dan Fogelberg's career.  Phoenix, released Thanksgiving week 1979, launched
the #2 single "Longer" and its follow-up "Heart Hotels" (#21) which, between
them enabled the album to stay on the Billboard album chart for 39 weeks and
reach #3.  The next album, the unprecedented double-LP The Innocent Age,
which featured guest appearances by musical inspirations Joni Mitchell,
Emmylou Harris and Chris Hillman, was timed for Labor Day 1981 release. 
It outdid its predecessor as it held the chart for 62 weeks and became the
source of 4 solid hits: "Same Old Lang Syne,"  "Hard To Say," "Leader Of the
Band," and "Run For the Roses."  Both Phoenix and The Innocent Age went
on to reap double-platinum.

At that point, 7 albums and a decade into his recording career, the time
was right for a Greatest Hits LP (1982).  It was an easy platinum entry in
Fogelberg's discography, distinguished by the fact that it contained two
previously unreleased tracks, both subsequently issued as successful top 30
singles, "Missing You" and "Make Love Stay."  It also bought the artist the
time he needed to craft his next album, Windows and Walls (1984), a
conceptually adventurous outing which nevertheless contained two chart
singles, "The Language Of Love" and "Believe In Me."

Stepping outside the rock-and-folk milieu, Fogelberg fulfilled a long-time
dream with his next album, the one-off bluegrass project High Country Snows
(1985) featuring Doc Watson, David Grisman, Chris Hillman, Vince Gill, Ricky
Skaggs and others.  The next release was Exiles (1987).  Reflecting the
breakup of Fogelberg's marriage, it is represented here by "Lonely In Love"
and "She Don't Look Back."

Dan Fogelberg could never play the role of the complacent star.  To the
contrary, he used his voice to decry the environmental outrages of the Reagan
and Bush era over the course of his next two albums, The Wild Places (1990)
and River Of Souls (1993), his final Full Moon/Epic release.  Since then, he
recorded one album for Azoff's Giant Records (No Resemblance Whatsoever, and
two albums on Morning Sky/Chicago Records (First Christmas Morning in 1999,
and last year's Dan Fogelberg Live, Something Old, Something New, Something
Borrowed And Some Blues).

"Still inspired, still creatively restless, he moved into the millennium
making music," concludes Evans.  "That music remains Dan Fogelberg's 'living
legacy.'  And it's also, in a way, all of ours."

     (EK 85280)

Title   Chart   Year From album  Chart  Rel.
Nether Lands (track)  -- Nether Lands #13  1977
Part Of the Plan #31 - Hot 100      1975    Souvenirs            #17 1974
Heart Hotels  #21 - Hot 100         1980    Phoenix              #3  1979
Longer           #2 - Hot 100       1979    Phoenix              #3  1979
                 #1 - Adult Cont.
Hard To Say      #7 - Hot 100       1981    The Innocent Age     #6  1981
                 #14 - Album Rock
Leader Of the Band #9 - Hot 100     1981    The Innocent Age     #6  1981
                 #1 - Adult Cont.
Same Old Lang Syne #9 - Hot 100     1980    The Innocent Age     #6  1981
Run For the Roses #18 - Hot 100     1980    The Innocent Age     #6  1981
Make Love Stay   #29 - Hot 100      1983    Greatest Hits        #15 1982
                 #1 - Adult Cont.
Missing You     #23 - Hot 100       1982    Greatest Hits        #15 1982
The Language Of Love #13 - Hot 100  1984    Windows and Walls    #15 1984
                 #8 - Album Rock
Believe In Me   #48 - Hot 100       1984    Windows and Walls    #15 1984
                 #1 - Adult Cont.
Lonely In Love  (track)                     Exiles               #48 1987
She Don't Look Back #84 - Hot 100   1987    Exiles               #48 1987
                    #13 - Album Rock
Rhythm Of the Rain (track)                  The Wild Places     #103 1990
Magic Every Moment (track)                  River Of Souls      #164 1993
A Love Like This  (track)                   River Of Souls           #164 1993

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