The Coachmen

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John Asher - Robyn Sleeth - Terry Walters - Dan Fogelberg - Tom Cain

The Coachmen was Dan's second band towards the end of high school. (1968-1969)

They were successful and even played with acts like Paul Revere and the Raiders. Hey Dan, do you remember Dan Smith of Thanatopsis? :-)

The following two songs were recorded using a low sampling rate in order to keep the size down. Needless to say I don't have original masters either! Consequently the sound quality could be better.

"Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget" (30 second sample WAV 507K)
For the hard-core fan with time on their hands... here is the whole song! 8mhz (2.8MB) or 22mhz (3.9MB) WAV

"Don't Want To Lose Her" (30 second sample WAV 515K)
The whole song
8mhz (1.9MB) or 22mhz (2.7MB) WAV 

Playing Instructions:
Note: these may not work for a Macintosh
1)Click on the song title
2)If your browser is configured properly, it will play the song automatically after downloading is complete.

3)If not, your browser should prompt you for a file name to save it to. (note the folder/directory)
4)Find file and double-click to decompress
5)Double click on decompressed WAV file to play

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